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We have over 8,000 customers around Europe, ranging from restaurants, bars and nightclubs to larger restaurants and hotel chains.

An Nam Trivec

An Nam

Restaurant An Nam reached new customer groups with QR-codes Michael Vu, who runs An Nam on Tegnérgatan, believes that more people should try QR codes in the restaurant.…


Being part of a full-circular system encourages employees at Himkok to stay for a long time How did the norwegian bar Himkok in Oslo become one of the…

Mezzo Trivec


"Trivec's professional support is exceptionally good" Sandra Berntsson, one of the owners of Hotel & Restaurant Mezzo in Tandådalen, has been working with Trivec for many years and…

Vidhave Trivec


Vidhave doubled tips with fixed percentages for tips We spoke with Gustav Körnsberg, Operations Manager at Snack Mat and Bad, a part of Destination Vidhave, right on the…

Granna Matbar Trivec Systems

Granna Matbar

This is how Granna Matbar attracts guests several days a week New concepts that appeal to different types of guests make people want to dine out and come…

Kung Carls Restauranger & Barer

Kung Carls Restauranger & Barer

Kung Carls Restauranger & Barer has doubled its revenue We had a chat with Jan Andersson, restaurateur and co-owner of the restaurant company running Hotel Kung Carl and…

Niklas Holgersson på Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes increases profitability with HandyPay To Niklas Holgersson, owner and founder of Stars and Stripes, Trivec's HandyPay is a product with great potential. HandyPay, which is…

The chef

The Chef i Övik

More points of sale with Trivec's mobile POS Marie Westermark and her husband Ante run the family restaurant and neighborhood pub, The Chef, in Övik at the harbor…

Nobis och Trivec


Increased guest satisfaction and seamless hotel integration when Nobis chose Trivec To Guadalupe Banegas, COO at Nobis Hotel Norrmalmstorg, Trivec felt like the obvious choice. A POS system…

Owners Kol & Cocktails

Kol & Cocktails

Agile invoicing via email thanks to Trivec's integration with Fortnox Michael, Mattias, and Diana from Kol & Cocktails have all worked with Trivec for many years. It was…

Sälens Högfjällshotell + Trivec

Sälens Högfjällshotell

Martin Sahlberg, operations manager at Sälen's Högfjällshotell and Gammelgården in Sälen, sees many advantages with Trivec Buddy, QR codes and digital menus. - If you work the right…

Antwerp Bouleward, a Trivec Customer

Antwerp Boulevard

Kelly's Irish Pub, Duke of Antwerp, Salon Duke of Antwerp, Bier Central Antwerpen and recently also Bier Central Gent. They are all restaurant businesses from Antwerp Boulevard, led…

Pepe’s Bodega

Pepe's Bodega started as a hole-in-the-wall in Båstad, Sweden over 30 years ago and is today a popular and well-known facility with two restaurants and a nightclub, divided…


Versuz is a well-known name in Hasselt and far beyond. The popular nightclub has been more than just one hospitality business for years. Besides the dance club, the…

Scandinavian Resorts

With 13 restaurants and bars, plus a range of resort facilities, Sälens Högfjällshotell is a modern classic in the Swedish mountains. Providing timely service to guests – and…

Frituur Daan

In Tisselt and its surrounding area, Frituur Daan has been an established name for about eleven years. What started as a typical Belgium Snack bar in a barrack,…

Berns sett utifrån

Berns Salonger

Since 1863, Berns has been open for dining, dancing and festivities in breathtaking venues, serving food and beverage of absolute to class, with great service and stunning details.…

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Svenska Brasserier en Trivec kund

Svenska Brasserier



Albert & Jacks en Trivec Kund

Albert and Jack’s

Grappa en Trivec kund


Kläppen Skiresort en Trivec kund

Kläppen Ski Resort

Gröna Lund en Trivec kund

Gröna Lund

Kvarnen en Trivec kund


Hotel Pigalle en Trivec kund

Hotel Pigalle

Rasta Group en Trivec kund

Rasta Group

Tako en Trivec kund


Stureplansgruppen en Trivec kund


Fiskekrogen en Trivec kund


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