Tableside ordering

Tableside ordering with Trivec Handy

Take orders at the table and reduce the running back and forth.

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Tableside ordering

An app for taking orders at the table

What is Trivec Handy?

Trivec Handy is our mobile solution for quick tableside ordering, that allows you to take orders at the table and instantly send them to the bar and kitchen. You minimize the time spent running back and forth from the tables to the point of sale system, since Trivec Handy is integrated into the POS system.

Trivec Handy incorporates predefined workflows and select functionality optimized for efficiency. This means less time spent on entering orders and giving more attention to your guests.

Easy to use tableside ordering

Trivec Handy adopts the modern way of using mobile solutions, including gestures and swiping for easy navigation and control. The user interface provides convenient access to most features with only one hand, within ”thumb reach”.

To start a new order, choose a table and swipe left to see your menu options. Click the menu items to add them to the order. You can easily add and remove items as many times as you need.

The billing process is just as easy. Instead of left, you swipe right, which will bring you to an overview of the table where you can do a final check before you choose your guest’s preferred payment option.

Trivec Handy

Trivec Handy helps us save a lot of time and money. In numbers, I would say we save about 15% of our total staffing cost and 20% in staff efficiency, and with that I mean energy and time spent running back and forth between tables and the POS system.

- Eric Lenfantin, Restaurant Manager at La Rhumerie in Paris


  • Easy to use mobile solution for tableside ordering

  • Integrated with Trivec POS system, minimum administration

  • Easy management of addon menu items through multiple choices

  • Integration with the Trivec Buddy solution for payment, enabling guests to scan a QR code on the screen for direct payment. But you can of course use other payment methods as well.

Trivec Handy
Trivec Handy

Trivec Handy Packaging

We offer a certified handset to go with Trivec Handy, a powerful ruggedized device with a large screen. The device is shockproof and can handle to be dropped on the floor etc.

The device is fully supported by us and come preinstalled to you as a customer.

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