POS system for restaurants

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POS system for restaurants

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Integrated POS System for restaurants

Running a restaurant should be easy!

Trivec offers the most versatile POS systems for restaurants on the market. Our software is designed to support all the processes involved in running a restaurant business, such as order and payment management, logistics, kitchen operations, reporting, and more. Our POS systems are easy to integrate with popular delivery services and other software.

With the same software, you have the choice of two different types of hardware: a fixed large-screen cash register or a mobile POS based on a tablet (Trivec Go).

Key features of our POS system

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Sales figures in real time

You can receive daily sales reports (through email) at any chosen time. Reports over guest numbers, average spend, or amount sold in the bar compared to the restaurant.

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Easy to use – few clicks

With the user in focus and by knowing how important it is for new staff to quickly learn the POS system, we have made the system easy to use with just a few clicks.

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Multiple payment options

Handle various payments through your Trivec POS software, offering customers their preferred payment options. Including contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, on account.

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Smart insights

MyTrivec collects all your sales data in one place. See your sales numbers in real time and get customized reports.

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Split checks

The POS system enables quick bill splitting across various payment methods like card, cash, on account, or digital gift cards, and allows seamless item transfer between checks.

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Personalize your system

You can easily adapt your Trivec POS system to align with your workflows in the kitchen, bar, dining area etc. As well as the menu, prices, screen setups, and floor plans.

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Why customers choose Trivec’s POS system for restaurants

The Trivec restaurant POS system can be tailored to your needs

With Trivec POS, you can tailor the system to match your specific operational needs, eliminating the need for you to adapt to the system. We support all types of workflows a restaurant might have. A restaurant’s success hinges on efficiency, and a flexible POS system that adapts to your unique workflows is key.

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Support and on call 24/7

We understand the importance of accessible customer support. Our support agreement ensures minimal downtime, including emergency assistance for operational issues related to our POS system.  Our expert support enhances operational reliability for restaurant orders and payments, a key reason why customers choose us.

Large ecosystem of software partners

We offer a large ecosystem of partner software which makes everyday life easier for restaurant owner. Connecting your POS-system to your staff management, accounting, and inventory is crucial for streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and driving profitability.

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Manage all your restaurants from one place

Manage all locations or revenue centers from one place. Streamline the management of multiple restaurants with user-friendly access control, allowing you to define local and central tasks efficiently. You can easily customize and create a new menu for each location and compare different establishments with each other.

We have all the integrations a restaurant need!

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The most important factor was that Trivec showed a genuine interest and a commitment to making the POS solution work for us. We got a system customized for our needs,

- Thommy Backner, CEO of Scandinavian Resorts

Various hardware options

We provide various hardware options for our POS software, allowing you to choose between running it on a tablet or a sturdier cash register. Each option offers unique benefits. With Trivec Go, the tablet version, you have the flexibility to relocate your POS system within your restaurant, making it convenient for setting up new payment stations, such as on the terrace. On the other hand, the robust cash register version excels in dimly lit, high-activity bar environments. Its larger screen enhances bartender efficiency.

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Delivery services

Connect your Trivec POS-system to popular delivery services through our partnership with Deliverect. You don’t need multiple screens for UberEats, Deliveroo, Foodora. All incoming orders go directly to the POS-system and the kitchen, making it easy to be in control of all incoming orders.

HandyPay – a handheld POS

As a complement to the POS system,we have HandyPay which is both a payment- and ordering device, a handheld POS. You can easily send orders directly to the bar and kitchen and you can take payments immediately when a guest asks to pay. You will increase your table turnover and the level of service since the waitstaff can stay among your restaurant customers.  HandyPay offers predefined tip percentages highly appreciated among the staff.

HandyPay handheld POS

Effective with a Kitchen Display System

The Kitchen Display System by Trivec integrates with Trivec POS system. A Kitchen Display System replaces printers and paper receipts. But it’s more than that. It increases efficiency because each order is registered in the kitchen and helps staff keep track of orders and prioritize dishes. This makes it easier to serve dishes simultaneously from different kitchens and it reduces waiting time for guests.

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Support 24/7

  • Support and on call service 24/7
  • Great product knowledge
  • Experienced staff
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  • Pre-programming of the POS system
  • On site installation
  • After installation, assuring the smooth operation of the POS system
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  • Training of staff on the POS System
  • Managers are trained in back office
  • FAQ on site

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How much does Trivec’s POS system cost?

We have a subscription model for our software at a fixed price per month, where maintenance and support are included in the price. For the hardware purchase, we provide an option to partner with leasing companies such as Wasa Kredit, Edge Finanslaget, and Grenke, allowing you to make convenient monthly payments. Get in touch with us today for a customized pricing plan tailored to your needs.

How does Trivec’s support work?

We offer 24/7 support and on call service. You can contact us by phone or email for support. We also have an online Help Center where you can find answers to the most common questions.

If Wi-Fi or internet goes down, will I still be able to take payments?

Yes, the POS system works offline and you can enter orders, add articles, split bills, print bill etc. You can take payments via Swish or Trivec Pay powered by Karma. You cannot take payments through your payment terminals, as they require a Wi-Fi or internet connection.

I have multiple restaurants, can I manage them all from one place?

Yes, you can manage multiple restaurants from the same back-office in Trivec. You can customize the access rights for each restaurant, giving you the flexibility to decide what aspects, such as pricing and special offers, should be controlled centrally or handled individually at each local establishment.

What payment methods does Trivec support?

We offer a wide range of payment options; debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Swish, on account, gift cards.

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