POS system for restaurants bars and cafés

POS system for restaurants that simplifies your day

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POS system for restaurants bars and cafés

The POS-system for restaurant for you as a restaurateur

Running a restaurant should be easy and effortless. Based on the need for simplicity we’ve developed Trivec’s Point of Sale System to be a perfect fit for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels. You get a POS system for restaurant that supports your entire business; from online bookings, table management and ordering to the logistics, such as inventory management, kitchen processes and payments. You can choose to use our mobile version Trivec Go, or the more robust version of hardware.

– Pär Arvidsson, Chief Product Officer, Trivec

Pär Arvidsson

Trivec’s Key Functionality

Daily sales reports to check profitability

You will receive daily sales reports (through email) at a chosen time; nighttime or early morning depending on your preference. You can customize the report by using various filters and see what matters to you, such as number of guests, average spend per customer or the amount sold for in the bar compared to the restaurant.

Article inventory control

There is a built-in calculator to help you keep track of inventory. For example, if you have 10 bottles of wine of a certain kind you enter “10”. Every time you sell a bottle, the inventory count will decrease. This smart inventory tracking feature will help you sell what you have in stock and don’t offer an article you don’t have to a guest.

Mobile orders at table

Take orders at the table using Trivec Handy (a digital handheld solution) and notify the chefs without leaving the guests’ table. The order goes directly to the kitchen and bar and the waiting staff can identify waiting times and notify the kitchen to start the next course at any time. The guests will receive their orders in time and have a great dinner experience.

Integrations for restaurateurs

We have partner integrations which make restaurant management easy. Trivec’s large partner system offer tailored integrations and add-ons that support you to streamline operations and minimize the amount of administration at your restaurant. We integrate with employee management system, finance and accounting system, inventory management, PMS-system etc.

Online ordering and digital menus

You have the possibility to use a digital menu where your guests scan a QR-code witht their mobile phone and can access your digital menu. We have the functionality to both let your guests order and pay via their mobile phone. Or they can order via their mobile phone and you bring them the bill afterwards. There are many possibilities with Trivec online ordering. You can use it for both takeout and tableside ordering.

Customer support 24/7

We offer local customer support 24/7 with staff who have extensive experience from the restaurant industry. After an installation our staff also trains the staff on site in the restaurant pos system. To get the best possible start for using our solution.

Mobile POS system for restaurant

With Trivec Go, you get a complete POS-system in one tablet with all the functionality you need to manage your restaurant. If you need several cash registers, you can easily connect them to the same tax box (black box) that is installed on a server. The advantage of Trivec Go, compared to our larger traditional hardware for POS, is that a tablet is mobile. Which means that you can easily move it around where you have the greatest need.

Trivec Go mobile POS system for restaurant
Delivery restaurant

Delivery services

Connect your Trivec POS-system to popular delivery services through our partnership with Deliverect. You don’t need multiple screens for UberEats, Deliveroo, Foodora. All incoming orders go directly to the POS-system and the kitchen, making it easy to be in control of all incoming orders.

Manage all aspects of your business from one place

Manage all logistics from one place, your POS-system, from bookings, to table seating, orders and payment. Trivec’s back office is easy to use with a lof of functionality. If your restaurant is part of a chain you can centralize part of the administration such as prices, articles, offers, etc. And keep other parts local such as menus and updating of menu items.

My Trivec’s smart insights help you increase revenue

The cloud-based tool My Trivec collects all your sales data in one place and generate insights. You can add more data points such as inventory, staffing and accounting to get a full picture of how your business is doing and what actions to take. In MyTrivec you can follow your sales in real-time.

Buyers guide

The guide for you as a restaurateur

Are you in the process of investing in a new POS system, or do you want to make sure you have all the functionality you need? Download or buyer’s guide for solid tips and checklists.

Payments and card terminals

Integrated card terminals – collect multiple payments simultaneously

Multi-pay. Each cash register can support ongoing card transactions, from up to four payment terminals at once. This is an excellent feature in a bar where you may have several ongoing transactions from multiple guests at the same time.

Split and edit checks

Split bills between multiple payment methods (card, cash, invoice or digital gift cards) without delay in Trivec’s POS system. Regardless of the number of guests splitting the bill, the POS-system will display the accurate amount to be paid.

You can edit checks and move articles from one check to another or move an entire table’s orders to a different table. A practical feature if your guests move tables or join a larger group.

Re-open checks

Re-open closed orders and checks that are not yet paid. A smart feature if your guests have a change of heart and add more to the order or select a different payment method.

Payroll and tips

Integrate your financial system with Trivec. Automate your payroll and minimize the time spent dividing tips between the staff.

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Behind the scenes: streamlining your kitchen

Ensure your POS system and printers communicate

With the click of a button the waitress notifies the kitchen to start preparing the next course. The waiter can ensure the order reaches the kitchen as the POS system will show an error message if the kitchen printer is not functioning correctly. This way, the waiting staff can make sure the guests are served in a timely manner and don’t have to wait between appetizer, main course and dessert.

Use a kitchen display system to secure customer experience

Trivec KDS is a set of displays placed in a kitchen (or bar) which are always integrated with your POS system. The screens help the chefs and kitchen staff keep track of orders, wait time and to ensure the inventory is accurate and properly stocked for service. You can improve the customer experience as you easily keep track of changes in the orders and ensure guests don’t need to wait. The chefs can focus on what they do best – to cook.

The most important factor was that Trivec showed a genuine interest and a commitment to making the POS solution work for us. We got a system customised for our needs,

- Thommy Backner, CEO of Scandinavian Resorts

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