Self service beer wall

Improve sales and customer loyalty by engaging your customers.

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Self Service Beer Wall

Increase your customer experience

Now you can engage your customers with your beverage. With our self-service beer taps your customers can pour their own draft beer, wine or other beverage. Studies show that if you engage your customers and get their involvement, they are more likely to purchase from you again.

And by using a self-service beer wall, your guests don’t have to stand in line by the bar which increase the service level you are offering. A win-win solution.

self service beer wall

Main advantages of a self-service beer taps

  • Increased sales and customer loyalty thanks to the convenience of self-service and prepaid cards

  • Increased quality and durability

  • Controlled use through card reader

  • Real-time comparison of drinks served, and drinks paid for

  • Improved control of beverage inventory

  • Custom reports and simplified management with POS integration

Beer wall

How does a self service beer wall work?

Our solution integrates dispensing and management tools and software. The beer wall is integrated with the software of Trivec’s POS system, allowing for real-time comparison of drinks served and drinks paid for. The data are protected, and the reports can be customised to your requirements.

Use the beer wall with a prepaid card

Trivec’s self-pour technology with touchscreen allows your customers to pour beer, wine or soda from taps on a wall using a prepaid card. The card reader integrated in the touchscreen reads the customer’s balance in real time and debits it according to consumption. The beverage dispensing module is integrated with Trivec POS system, allowing for real-time comparison of drinks served and drinks paid for, which makes it easier for you to keep track of your stock.

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