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A handheld ordering and payment device.

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Handheld POS for restaurants – HandyPay

What is a handheld POS for restaurants?

HandyPay is Trivec’s all-in-one solution, a handheld POS for restaurants all in one unit. HandyPay is both a payment- and ordering device. As a handheld payment device, HandyPay simplifies the payment flow as you can take payment immediately when the guest asks to pay. As an handheld order device, HandyPay makes it easier for the waiting staff, who can send orders directly to the bar or kitchen. The level of service increases because your staff can remain with the guests and don’t have to run back and forth to the POS.

With HandyPay, you can seat new customers more quickly and thereby increase your turnover.

Client payant via le pad de commande et de paiement restaurant

Advantages of a handheld payment device for restaurants

HandyPay is Trivec’s handheld pos, a 2-in-1 solution, with order and payment capabilities in one unit. As a payment solution, HandyPay has many advantages:

  • HandyPay offers smooth payments and several payment methods: credit card, bank card, ApplePay, GooglePay or invoice. If you have Trivec Buddy integrated, it also works with Swish.
  • Guests can pay immediately when they request to.
  • The staff does not have to carry around note blocks and card terminals – now they only use HandyPay.
  • When paying by card, the guest simply holds their card up to the HandyPay unit just like at a regular contactless payment terminal. Or simply insert the card.
  • With HandyPay, it’s easy to split a bill for groups where everyone wants to pay for their share. When splitting a bill, the waiting staff simply clicks on which food and drink the guest should pay for (even half a bottle of wine) and HandyPay displays what the guest should pay. The guest then selects the payment method and pays. Guests receive a receipt directly at the table for their share.
  • It’s also easy to divide a bill into equal parts with HandyPay. Groups that split the bill in equal parts pay for their part by holding the card or phone up to the device. The display will also show the guest what is being paid for. Guests receive a receipt directly at the table for their share.
  • HandyPay makes it easy to add a tip, either by entering the total amount with tip included, by adding a self-selected amount directly to the total amount, or via predetermined percentage tip rates.

Choose between two  different hardware

HandyPay is offered in two different hardware. You can choose between a terminal with a built-in printer or a slimmer version with no printer.

Pad de commande et de paiement restaurant
Trivec handheld pos for restaurants Handy Pay staff

Advantages of HandyPay as a handheld order device

HandyPay is Trivec’s handheld POS, a 2-in-1 solution. As a handheld order device, HandyPay has many advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • HandyPay is a digital notepad for the waiting staff that eliminates the need to carry along a pad and pen. If a guest wants to add to their order while the dinner is in progress, you don’t have to run to the cash register with additional orders. New orders are easily entered directly into HandyPay with no risk of forgetting to place the order.
  • Since the orders are made directly at the table, mistakes or incorrect orders are minimized. The service level increases because the staff can talk about the order if something seems unclear and your staff’s presence at the table increases.
  • The orders are sent directly to the kitchen where orders are printed or displayed on a Kitchen Display System. If they wish, guests can also receive confirmation directly at the table of which orders have been made.
  • In HandyPay, you can enter information about the evening’s menu, ingredients, recommended drinks, or if something has run out. It can be helpful if you are low on staff or have staff who are not very experienced.
  • It’s also easy to enter information about allergies or take notes about special requests.
  • Thanks to HandyPay, it’s easier to make additional sales since the staff is present with a better overview of their part of the dining area. That way they never miss a guest who wants a refill.

HandyPay for direct sales

HandyPay also works great for direct sales over the counter, such as when guests order, pay and take their food at once.

Pad de commande et de paiement restaurant avec imprimante intégrée
La Rhumerie quote

Trivec HandyPay helps us increase our service towards guest since we can take order and payments quicker at the table. I would say that we save about 20% in staff efficiency by not having to spend time running back and forth to the POS system and get the payment terminal. I also see an increase in turnover per table

- Eric Lenfantin, Restaurant Manager at La Rhumerie in Paris

MyTrivec Restaurant owner working with back office, accounting, staff, analytics, insights, integrations

Minimal administration and total control over your sales

All information from HandyPay is automatically entered into Trivec’s POS system and you can easily perform an “End of Day”. In MyTrivec you can follow the transactions and see sales figures in real time, as well as pull reports.

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Read more about Trivec POS system for restaurants here.

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