Mobile POS for restaurants

With Trivec Go you can manage your restaurant - no matter where you are.

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Mobile POS restaurants

Supports all your processes

With Trivec Go you get our full-scale mobile POS system for restaurant that supports all your processes from table booking and table handling to restaurant logistics and payment. You have access to reporting tools and can create your own custom reports. All in one tablet!

Mobile POS system for restaurant
MyTrivec Restaurant owner working with back office, accounting, staff, analytics, insights, integrations

Manage your restaurant from one place

With Trivec Go you can manage your restaurant from one place. If you need several pos systems, you can easily link them together and use the same black box installed on a server. If you have a larger business with several restaurants, you can work with central control and access rights locally and centrally when it comes to prices, menus, articles, etc.

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Why should you choose Trivec Go – a mobile POS system for restaurant?

1. User-friendly

The system is intuitive and easy to use without needing technical knowledge.

2. Support and on call 24/7

Professional support by experienced staff during office hours as well as on-call in the evenings and weekends.

3. Powerful POS system

You get a complete system in a mobile format, with all the functionality you need to manage your restaurant.

Integrations for restaurants

Trivec has a large partner ecosystem with tailor-made integrations that help you streamline the operation of your restaurant and minimize administrative work. We have integrations with personnel systems, financial systems, stock management, hotel systems and much more. Read more here.

HandyPay slim 2-1

HandyPay – our 2-1 solution

HandyPay is Trivec’s 2-1 solution, combining both payment and ordering functionalities in a single handheld POS device designed for restaurants. This innovative device serves as both a payment terminal and an order-taking device. When used as a payment device, HandyPay streamlines the payment process by allowing immediate payment processing when a guest requests it. As an order-taking device, HandyPay simplifies the tasks of the waiting staff, enabling them to send orders directly to the bar or kitchen.

By incorporating HandyPay into your restaurant operations, you can efficiently seat new customers, resulting in quicker turnover and potentially increasing your overall revenue.

Increase your revenue with smart insights

Our cloud service My Trivec collects all your sales data in one place. You can add more data points such as warehouses, staff, accounting etc. to get a clear picture on how your business is going and what actions need to be taken.

MyTrivec - web service for reports and insights

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