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Cash register restaurant

Our ePOS for restaurant is built to simplify and streamline all cash management. It is a system tailor-made for your business, a solution that is both easy to learn and fast to use, every single day.

Mobile POS System

Mobile POS System

With Trivec Go you get our full-scale cash register restaurant that supports all your processes from table booking and table handling to restaurant logistics and payment. All in one tablet!

Tableside Ordering Trivec

Handheld POS 2-1

Trivec HandyPay is our handheld POS, an order and payment solution, all in one terminal. Take payments immediately when guests ask for it and send orders straight to the kitchen. Minimize the running back and forth.

Mobile Order & Pay Trivec

Mobile Order & Pay

Buddy is a web-based product for mobile ordering and payment that enables your customers to order from a digital menu and be served at the table or pick it up as takeaway.

Self ordering kiosk Trivec

Self ordering kiosk

Self-ordering kiosks are interactive tools where you guests can view your menu and do the order themselves. The kiosk reduce wait times, but also engage diners and make the ordering process fun.

Beverage System Trivec

Beverage System

Trivec has a system for beverages integrated into the same comprehensive POS platform. The beverage system provides oversight for both volume control and portioning.

Kitchen Display System Trivec

Kitchen Display System

Trivec’s product for kitchen and bar displays that integrate with our ePOS restaurant. In short, the system can be described as a digital replacement for kitchen printers, but they are so much more than that.

Partners & Integrations Trivec

Partners & Integrations

We have a great partner eco system of integrations and solutions that operates seamless with Trivec’s solutions to simplify daily operations for you as a restaurateur.

Benefits of Trivec’s ePOS for restaurant

  • Easy to use without training

  • A highly flexible system with the ability to integrate with other services, including hotel booking, staffing, finances, warehouse management, inventory etc.

  • Tailored to your business

Trivec Buddy Trivec Go
My Trivec
  • My Trivec — a web service that provides automated reports and offers you full control over your business

  • Local support with knowledgeable and professional staff

  • Pay per month — subscription service

The Future of Restaurant Service

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We feel secure with Trivec, as they maintain a high level of availability which we were previously missing. There is always someone there to answer when we call , and we get attention for the issues we raise.

- Thommy Backner, CEO Scandinavian Resorts

Thommy Backner CEO Scandinavian Resorts

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