Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes increases profitability with HandyPay

Niklas Holgersson

To Niklas Holgersson, owner and founder of Stars and Stripes, Trivec’s HandyPay is a product with great potential. HandyPay, which is an order and payment solution in one device, allows for new order and payment stations in the restaurant. The staff no longer has to run back and forth to the pos-system and the roles in the restaurant change, leading to a more attractive workplace.
“We use the slimmed-down HandyPay, it is easy to carry and has streamlined and changed our workflow. We save a tremendous amount of time by being able to take orders and payments more quickly,” says Niklas.

Niklas Holgersson has been a customer of Trivec for as long as he can remember and the restaurants use almost all of Trivec’s solutions. Niklas has run restaurants his entire life. Today, he owns Stars and Stripes a restaurant influenced by the USA, located Karlskrona, a sister-restaurant is located in Kalmar.


Never miss a payment

To Niklas and his staff, HandyPay has made the payment experience smoother. Guests can easily pay when they ask to, and the staff no longer has to run and fetch a card machine or ask the guest to come to the bar to pay.
“The best thing for our type of restaurant is that guests can now pay directly after an order has been placed. This way, we never miss a payment late in the evening when it’s busier, or the guest leaves without paying,” says Niklas.


More flexible sales points in the venue with HandyPay

HandyPay is perfect for supporting the bar during busy times. The service staff can easily go to the bar when it starts to get full, place an order for, say, two beers via HandyPay and take payment directly.

“Such an order is not placed at a table and the service staff serves it themselves,” says Niklas.

Trivec’s handheld POS – HandyPay 2-1

Splitting and sharing the bill is easy

Niklas also says that it is easy to split and share the bill with HandyPay. Guests can see a view of what has been entered and pay for their part directly. “Some guests want a receipt, then they just enter their email address, and the receipt is sent directly to them, very convenient,” says Niklas.


Higher service and new roles in the restaurant – easier to find staff

For Niklas and his team, HandyPay has saved a tremendous amount of time. The staff no longer runs back and forth for the card machine and never really needs to leave the floor. Niklas believes that the roles will change in the future, and he will have some knowledgeable and competent staff on the floor to talk to guests and give them time. He believes in having runners to carry food and drink, which makes it faster and increases service.

“I see that HandyPay can change the roles in the restaurant industry after the pandemic. Many restaurants have difficulty finding staff. Perhaps the solution is to have a few knowledgeable waiters on the floor combined with more runners who carry food and drink,” he says. This way, new career paths are created in the industry, which can be an incentive to attract people.


Fixed percentages for tips – an attractive workplace

Niklas has noticed that fixed percentages for tips benefit the industry. On average, the staff receive much higher tips when guests can choose between 5%, 10%, or 15%. Guests may have been unsure before whether to include the total amount or the tip amount when the sum was displayed on the card terminal. Now it is clearer. “If tips increase, it becomes easier to be an attractive workplace for your staff,” concludes Niklas.

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