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Run a professional restaurant and bar at your hotel with Trivec's hotel and restaurant software

The restaurant and the bar at a hotel are key to keep the guests at your venue and being able to engage with them. We believe it should be easy to run a professional restaurant and have developed Trivec’s POS system to be a perfect fit for restaurants and bars in hotels. You get a a professional hotel and restaurant software that supports your entire business; from table bookings, table management and ordering to the logistics, such as kitchen processes, inventory and payments.

Integrations to the most popular PMS-system

To be able to give your customers and easy experience when it comes to paying in the restaurant and the bar in your hotel, we have integrations to the most popular PMS-system. Which means that your guests can put their bill on the room and pay when they check-out. Many guests prefer and expect this service today. We can for example connect to PMS-systems such as Protel, Opera, Mews, Itesso, see the complete list here.

The most important factor was that Trivec showed a genuine interest and a commitment to making the POS solution work for us. We got a system customised for our needs.

- Thommy Backner, CEO of Scandinavian Resorts

Scandinavian Resorts

Increase customer service at the table

To be able to give your guests the best possible service in your restaurant we have developed Trivec Handy, which is our mobile order solution that allows the waiting staff to take orders at the table and instantly send them to the bar and kitchen. You minimize the time spent for your staff to run back and forth from the tables to the point of sale system. Instead they can spend time with your guests.

Tips on how to work more digitally and increase profitability!

Download our digital guide and get concrete tips on how you can attract more customers to your business by using digital tools. You also get tips on how to streamline logistics and how to increase profitability.

Use our mobile order solution for room service, by the pool and in the bar

With our solution Trivec Buddy you can enable your customers to order and pay by using their mobile phone. They scan a QR-code with their mobile and get directed to a digital menu where they can see your digital options. This can be used for room service, or in an outdoor seating area, by the pool, in the bar etc. A great complement that makes it easier for both customers and your staff.

Boost performance in the kitchen

Trivec Display is our Kitchen Display System (KDS) where you can track and organize your orders to the kitchen, bar, pastry corner and other workstations. After the waiting staff has taken an order it will automatically be sent to the right screen in the bar or kitchen.


Manage multiple hotel restaurants, chains or resorts

For hotel chains and resorts we have a HQ-tool which is very powerful when running multiple restaurants, bars, cafés under one brand. You decide what authorization should be local and what should be controlled centrally. Maybe you like to control the menu options and the prices centrally for all venues and only the restaurant manager is authorized to change this locally. The cash register tool and credit card machines are very flexible. You can set up reports to measure your different venues to be sure they are all profitable. We will help you to tailor the solution after your needs.

How is your business doing? Reports and analytics

With our web portal My Trivec, you get access to all relevant data related to your venues in an easy to use dashboard. You see sales numbers in real time and can easily get customized reports. You can also set-up subscriptions to get daily sales reports to your inbox.

Use self-service and set-up a beer wall

Build your own beer wall using our self-service dispensing system. Your guests will serve themselves and you can have them pay by card or using a hotel bar card and pay when they check out. We have a good example of this with the hotel chain Jo & Joe in France.

Smart integrations for running hotels

We have a large partner eco-system with integrations to make it easier for you to run your hotel or hotels if you are a larger chain. We have integrations for managing staff, finance, stock, deep analytics and much more.

Support 24/7

Support is available 24 hours a day with experienced staff always on hand to ensure that your Trivec solutions work as it should.

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