Beverage System

Beverage systems that minimize costs

Minimize overpour costs with beverage solutions for beer, wines, spirits and aperitifs, sodas and coffees

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Beverage System

What we can do for you

Increase your revenue and minimize spill over or wastage thanks to precise portioning and better control of sales and stock

Increased real-time control

  • Real-time overview and simplified management

  • Every beverage served is recorded

  • Poured amounts and payment comparisons

Reduce loss and wastage

  • Always pour the right amount

  • No spill or wastage when filling glasses

  • Increased bar control

Better service

  • Fill several glasses at once

  • Serve more people at the same time

  • Flexible solution adjusted to your requirements

Our Beverage Systems

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What are overpours costing you?

Many of our customers didn’t have an idea how much money they were losing due to spillage, overpours, staff offering their friends free drinks etc. When they installed one of our beverage systems and they could see the amount of money they earned each month, most of them where very surprised. The ROI of the systems is easy calculated and a key tool for our restaurateurs.

Versuz en Trivec kund

I would recommend Trivec’s beverage system to everyone in the hospitality business, especially if you own a bar. The investment might seem big at first, but you will earn the entire investment back in about a year’s time. You would be baffled by how many drinks remain unpaid for due to overpour. Thanks to automation you’re not missing out on any income.

- Thijs Berben, Manager at Versuz

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