Liquor control system

Pre-programmed portioning of liquors removes the risk of spill.

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Liquor Control System

Guarantee consistent quality of all alcoholic beverages

By using a liquor control system, you have as the name suggest full control of your alcoholic beverages. You can guarantee a more consistent quality of the cocktails you serve since all the staff will use the exact amount which should be in a specific cocktail. You can of course decide if you like to use this on all your liquor bottles or only the most popular ones.

liqour control system

Main advantages of the liquor control system

  • Easy installation in bars (stand, wall-mounted, etc.)

  • Easier and faster service

  • Improved visual control of bottles

  • Reduced spill over and wastage with precise pre-programmed portioning

  • Precise pre-programmed portioning ensures consistent quality of cocktails and records amount of alcohol served

  • Increased bar control with activation rings – no service is possible without the rings

  • Real-time comparison of drinks served and paid for

  • Improved control of beverage inventory

  • Custom reports and simplified management with POS integration

How the liquor control system works

The system uses seven pouring caps, programmed per type of bottle. The connected activation rings then allow three different quantities for each bottle range. The dispensing software is integrated with Trivec’s POS system, allowing for real-time comparison of drinks served and drinks paid for. You have full control of your liquor and you can easily take our reports from the POS system, for example number of servings, must sold liquor.

POS-system in a bar

Minimum wastage and easy to use portioning system

Trivec’s liquor control system allows for precise programmed portions of spirits and aperitifs per type of bottle. Ensuring less wastage, the portioning system is suitable for use in all kinds of bars (stand, wall-mounted). All bottles are fitted in advance with a shot dispenser and are sealed with a pouring cap, giving you better visual control of the bottles. Dispensing spirits also allows for better control of the quantities your employees serve and guarantees a more consistent quality of the cocktails you prepare.

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