Restaurant POS system for bars, restaurants and hotels

Higher average bill
Increased Tips

Restaurant POS system for bars, restaurants and hotels

Higher average bill
Increased Tips

8000 customers in Europe


Why restaurants choose us

Increased profitability

We have solutions that streamline all your processes. We help you before, during, and after an installation.

Wide range of integrations

We offer customized integrations for hotel, finance, staff, inventory, table booking, loyalty systems, and more.

Tailor-made reports

Get access to all relevant data concerning your restaurant via the web. For example, see your sales figures in real time.

Smart restaurant POS system


Trivec POS system

Our restaurant POS system is reliable, offer many payment methods and is easily integrated. You get a restaurant POS that supports your entire business.

Trivec Buddy

User-friendly mobile order and payment solution for restaurants that enables more points of sale in the premises. Why not use it at your outdoor terrace!

Trivec HandyPay

HandyPay is our handheld POS, our all in one unit. Take orders and payments when guests ask for it. This minimizes the running back and forth for the waiting staff.


Get access to all relevant data related to your restaurant in an easy to use dashboard. You see sales numbers in real time and can easily set up customized reports.


Take part of restaurant data about your customers' needs and behaviors. By integrating the restaurant POS system with an analysis tool you can do deeper analyzes.

Partner and integrations

We have a large partner network with seamless integrations to our POS system. Our goal is to simplify everyday life for you as a restaurateur and increase your profit.

Trivec Handy

Send orders directly to the POS. With a smooth order flow, you can increase your revenue and get more time for the guests.

Kitchen Display System

Simplify your order flow to your kitchen. Integrated with Trivec's cash register system, you avoid printers and see all orders on the screen.

We help you all the way

We help you before, during and after an installation. We train your employees in the system. Trivec has 24/7 support and on call services.

Receive automatically orders from Foodora, Uber Eats, Wolt etc.

Customer stories

Hard Rock Café
Scandinavian Resorts


Berns was looking for a restaurant POS system to grow with. Smooth integrations to personnel and stock system as well as the possibility of receiving customized reports made the final decision. An easy-to-use system with few clicks was also important.

Smooth integrations and less administration time
Tailor-made reports that simplify administration
Support 24/7

Hard Rock Café

Trivec could offer a centralised POS system that Nordic Restaurant Group was looking for, including the required integrations. The establishments are all operated by the same company, Nordic Restaurant Group, which also runs Hard Rock Café franchises in Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo.

They wanted to spend less internal resources on IT,
Local support 24/7
Central managed POS with integrations

Scandinavian Resorts

To manage Scandinavian resort in the most efficient way, they needed a reliable and future-proof POS solution. Since 2015, Trivec’s POS system is used in all restaurants, bars, hotels and other outlets at the resort. The main impetus for switching to a new restaurant POS system was the need of a reliable vendor with local presence, who make sure their systems is always up and running.

Easy invoicing direct from the POS
Available support 24/7
Customized restaurant POS system

We have integrations with HoistGroup, Mews, Deliverect, The Fork and others.

Industries we support

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Restaurant & chains

Trivec's restaurant POS system is easy to use without prior technical knowledge. Take orders at the table, let guests scan and pay via their mobile phone or increase the efficiency of the kitchen. You get a system that supports your entire business.

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Hotel & hotel chains

You get a POS system that supports your hotel restaurant: from bookings and ordering to logistics, inventory management and payments. Our payment solutions are integrated with the most common hotel systems (PMS-systems)

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Bars & night clubs

Our POS system for bars is reliable and has high performance, which means that you can serve more customers per minute. You can also connect several payment terminals to one cash register so more customers can pay at the same time.

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