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What are smooth payments for restaurants?

Smooth payments in restaurants are an important part of giving your guest a positive overall experience in the restaurant. The overall experience for the customer includes that all parts (ordering, payment and delivery) run equally smoothly. Because if, for example, the food order the and payment is made smoothly but the customer has to wait a long time for their food, the overall experience is damaged. Our systems therefore take all three parts into account.

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Well-thought-out logistics in the restaurant can thus lead to more purchases, that guests stay longer at the restaurant and get a positive overall impression. And it is both the restaurant owner and the guest who benefit from smooth payments and flows. A smooth payment experience is as much about payment flows in the restaurant as it is about the cash register systems having to handle many purchases at the same time. Flexible payments are also about offering the guest many payment methods.


Smooth payment flows in premises

In order to have a smooth order and payment flow in the restaurant, it may be worthwhile to review where the cash registers are located and how the guest and staff flow looks in the restaurant. Where do bottlenecks occur? Where do the staff run into each other? Where do guests prefer to order their drink if not at the bar? Questions of this type determine where the cash registers are located and how many card terminals are needed.

We know how important it is to facilitate purchases in the restaurant premises and we at Trivec have extensive experience in the restaurant industry. We are happy to help and advise where to place your checkout systems.


Many payments at once

With reliable pos systems that handle many payments at the same time, you never miss a payment. We know that many restaurants experience high pressure at certain times of the day. At high pressure, it is crucial that your pos system work without downtime. With our pos, you can connect several card terminals to a pos, which means that you can make many simultaneous payments. Our card terminals have the function “pay at table” so the service can take the card terminals out to the tables for payment.


Many payment methods

Today we pay for most things online. We offer many payment methods to your guests such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and Swish. Readings that are linked to your card or bank by phone.


Share note

A convenient way to share a bill is also a type of smooth payment. We have several ways to share notes for specific businesses. In our systems, it is possible to split the bill per dish you have eaten, how much of the bill you want to pay, or per person. We have listened to our customers and know how important it is to have a smooth payment flow when the guest has finished eating.


Mobile order and payment service for guests

Mobile orders have risen sharply. It is now easy for guests to order and pay directly via mobile. By scanning a qr code, the guest is taken to a digital menu, where it is easy to order and pay. Easy payment means that the guest makes many additional purchases and many restaurateurs have seen how the additional sales have gone up. Many people choose to use Swish as a means of payment online, but of course Google pay, Apple, pay etc. also work. It is smooth and easy.

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Smooth restaurant app for takeaway and catering

There are probably some of your customers who prefer to eat the food at home. For these customers, you can easily offer takeaway with pickup. You create a link on your website that goes to your digital menu, where customers order and pay for the food. Via our restaurant app Trivec Buddy (no app download required), you can easily offer takeaway or catering. Here they also get information when they can come and pick up the food as well as other relevant information. The orders go directly to the kitchen as takeaway, so the kitchen staff knows that the food must be packaged.

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Pay with your mobile at the table

Smooth orders at the table are nothing without smooth payments. Because the tableware uses a modern solution for mobile table ordering, it is easy to take orders for the tableware. With our payment solutions, the guest can either pay with their mobile phone by scanning a QR code on the receipt, or scan a QR code in our table ordering solution (Trivec Handy) that the service uses and pay the bill. Or you can of course pay via standard card terminals that the tableware brings to the table. Today, the guest can choose from many payment methods, all to make the experience as good as possible.

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