How to attract and keep restaurant staff

How to attract and keep your restaurant staff

The future restaurant staff

In the restaurant industry, there is often a high staff turnover. It can be difficult for restaurant owners to find the right restaurant staff who also want to stay long.

Read our five tips on how to attract the best team members and how to get them to stay.

1 Offer development for restaurant staff

Staff in the restaurant business, like other professions, are looking for a job where they can develop. By offering development, the chances increases that you will find restaurant staff who stay for a long time.

  • Be sensitive and listen to what your restaurant staff’s goals and ambitions are. Ask in which area they would like to develop? Food, drink or guest experience.
  • Try to take advantage of their drive and let both they and the restaurant benefit from their development.

2 Take care of your reputation

People talk so be aware of the importande of word of mouth! And especially restaurant people who are very social. Staff share how it is in your workplace and a good reputation is therefore crucial for people who apply to your restaurant. New team members need to have a positive attitude when they start working at you restaurant. And keep in mind that people share with others more often when they are dissatisfied than when they are satisfaid.

3 Good agreements for new staff- show that you care about your restaurant staff

Can you offer your new staff something that other restaurants cannot? Today, it is not too uncommon for restaurants to offer new employees, collective agreements, benefits, a full-time job or a good minimum wage. But maybe you are the only one to offer any of this in the hospility industry?

ü  Today, it is more important than ever to be able to offer a safe and secure workplace. If you can offer security, you have increased your chances of finding the right staff.


4 Social media for restaurant – show teamwork and customer experience

Many job seekers look at the company’s presence on social media. Make sure to be visible on social media and especially Linkedin. Highlight employees who do something good, show inspirational pictures or pictures from a trade fair. Show customer experience and proud moments. However, be careful not to paint an overly plastered and unreasonable facade – you can often see through that!

  •  Many in the restaurant industry change jobs often. By showing appreciation on social media, you increase the status of the job and you can get more people to stay in the industry.


5 Restaurant management

We have integrations with personnel systems that facilitate scheduling, salary payments and tip payments for restaurant management. This means that you do not have to spend time on administration and can instead focus on personnel care and time with employees. This is a great way to grant your restaurant’s success. Read more about our pos systems for restaurants.

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