How to attract guests to your restaurant

Comment rendre votre restaurant plus attractif

How to attract guests to your restaurant

Attracting guests to your restaurant is far more than filling tables. By broaden your target audience you reach new types of guests by offering new concepts, special offers and food delivery. In this article we share 7 tips on how you stand out from the crowd.

Broaden your customer base

By making small adjustments to your target audience, you can enhance your revenue streams and attract guests to your restaurant. For instance, if most of your customers are in the low-income bracket, think about launching a new initiative or menu items aimed at high-paying restaurant customers or new guests. This might involve revamping your restaurant’s appearance or introducing an exclusive dish to your offerings.

Promote additional spending

Maximizing your revenue isn’t just about filling tables; it’s about intelligent upselling too. However, overdoing upselling can irritate customers and dissuade them from returning. To avoid this, ensure that your team is well-prepared, and consider the following techniques:

  • Recommend dishes with the best profit potential (menu engineering).
  • Ensure that your most profitable dishes are prominently displayed at the top of your menu.
  • Present a range of additional options that could complement your customer’s chosen meal.
  • Specify exactly what is on offer when suggesting items, like drinks, by naming them (e.g., iced tea, cola, orange juice)
    Increase your turnover with better sales!

Enhance the dining ambiance with live entertainment

People often appreciate some entertainment with their meal, and live music can be an excellent draw for your restaurant. You might schedule performances every Friday or on weekends to add a unique touch to the dining experience.

Implement special offers and promotions

Consider introducing special deals to boost customer flow during typically slow periods. You might give a complimentary meal to every fifth diner on your slowest days, serve free drinks or coffee or offer discounts, or treat guests to a free dessert if they are celebrating their birthday at your establishment.

How to attract restaurant guests to your restaurant

Implement customer loyalty programs as part of the marketing strategies

Acquiring new customers can be far more costly than retaining existing ones, so don’t overlook the importance of rewarding loyal customers. Why not put it in your marketing plan? Restaurant loyalty programs not only foster customer engagement and satisfaction but can also lead to repeat business. Consider these strategies for an effective loyalty marketing approach:

  • Skip the physical cards for a better customer experience, which can clutter wallets, and opt for a rewards app that customers can use on the go.
  • Keep the incentive program simple. Avoid over-complicating it with numerous rules and requirements.
  • Utilize the power of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) by showing customers what unique benefits they stand to gain.
  • Offer complimentary items, such as drinks, pastries, desserts, or appetizers. People love to receive freebies!
  • If you already are using email marketing, social media, online presence and seo to reach new customers it is the perfect tools to get loyal customers. Loyal customers keep up the word of mouth.
Future of Restaurant Service

Useful trends in the restaurant industry


Stand out from the crow

In a market saturated with restaurants providing similar products and experiences, it’s essential to distinguish yourself. Identify what makes your establishment distinctive and emphasize that in your marketing. It can become a signature trait that helps people recognize and remember your business. By daring to be different, you can create a memorable brand that resonates with potential customers.

Keep up with evolving restaurant industry

Staying current with the latest shifts in the restaurant business is vital. As the industry evolves, so should your practices. Here are some of the trends that are expected to continue into the coming year:

Emphasis on natural and organic Food: The demand for healthy, organic, and flavorful dishes shows no sign of waning. Vegan and plant-based options are growing in popularity, prompting chefs to feature these dishes prominently on menus rather than just offering them as alternatives.

Green practices and food waste reduction: Environmental sustainability is increasingly on the radar for restaurant owners. Many are reassessing their practices, focusing on reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly solutions.

Rise of food delivery services and online ordering: Already a growing trend, food delivery became a lifeline during the pandemic. Restaurants have had to adapt and innovate, with some even transitioning to takeout-only models to minimize costs and staffing needs.

Adapting to supply chain and economic changes: Issues with supply chains and inflation are causing restaurateurs to rethink menu offerings and pricing. Simpler, more focused menus are emerging as a way to manage inventory, enhance quality, and reduce waste.

Leveraging technology for efficiency: Restaurant owners are strategically using new technology to streamline their operations. Examples include QR code menus, self-service stations, handheld POS and other digital tools that help to cut costs and boost efficiency.


For those of you who are at the forefront, it becomes easier to keep up in a society that is constantly changing. By adapting your restaurant according to how the industry evolves, you have the opportunity to remain top of mind with your customers. This ensures a more sustainable and successful business.

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