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Opening a nightclub

How to start a nightclub?

Either if it´s a startup, a small bar or a larger nightclub we all want to run a successful nightclub. But before you start, it might be a good idea to think about what you want with your nightclub. The nightclub industry is competitive in many ways. With a good concept, a clear picture of the target group and a strong presence in social media, bar owners will easier succeed.

Today, there are many smart technical solutions that will help you increase profitability.

Create a clear business concept for your nightclub

To begin a nightclub, merely selecting a location and playing music won’t suffice. You must have a unique theme or concept that can lure a particular type of audience. For instance, you can open an 80s-themed nightclub or a luxurious Vegas-style nightclub. Many nightclubs that fail attempt to do too much at once. Therefore, it’s important to have a well-defined and clear concept for your nightclub.

The guest experience is a must for all restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Let the guests’ needs and expectations be central. We offer a business plan for free covering these subjects, bringing up subjects like bar concept, target audience and the importance of knowing the target group.

Try to become famous for a drink or beer

By becoming famous for a certain drink or certain beer you make it easier for people to come back.  Figure out what sells the best and keep it in stock at all times. Then get a smaller amount of a wide variety of drinks to please all your clients.

Bartrends – how to save time and money in a bar!

How to start a nightclub

Marketing will always be important

To attract a consistent stream of customers to your nightclub, it’s important to promote it frequently and consistently. Even if you have a group of regular customers, it’s still essential to attract new ones regularly. One effective way to do this is by advertising your nightclub on various platforms online. It´s free and efficient! Many nightclubs also engage in cross-promotional strategies, where they collaborate with other businesses to attract more customers. For instance, you can team up with a local restaurant to provide both your nightclub and the restaurant with more business.

Get loyal guests

To entice more customers to visit your establishment, consider offering specials, discounts, and promotions. Themed nights are a great way to attract a specific crowd. You can also offer different drink specials each night to give customers a reason to visit your place throughout the week. Additionally, distributing flyers with coupons is an effective way to attract new customers.

Integrate the pos system with the beverage system

By integrating the pos  with the beverage systems, you will be able to get all the sales data in real time. By analysing what is sold at certain time slots you can plan your stock and inventory. With an integration to Fortnox (Sweden) the day-ends do themselves and numbers are sent automatically to the finance office.

Considering a new beverage system? Download our product brochure for free!

Furthermore, it is important to choose a pos system that offers many different payment methods. By connecting many payment terminals to each POS you can make several simultaneous payments. Bar guests can also put their bill on the hotel room.

A pos should be linked and connected to other parts of your business such as stock, inventory and personnel.  This way it will be easier for you to manage the daily business and have full control over your bar service. We offer an eco-system of partnerintegrations, read more.

Increase the profitability of your nightclub with a beverage system

An automated bar system reduces waste and stress for bartenders and nightclub owners. With a bar gun you can easily make several drinks at the same time. Our beer taps for the bar counter fill up an exact dose of beer and allow you to do other things while the glasses are filled up.

Opening a nightclub or running an existing nightclub? Calculate your potential savings with us in our bar waste calculator.

Waste calclutor

Increase the efficiency and revenue of beer and drinks when opening a nightclub

With the right tools, such as a beverage system, a beer tap for the bar counter, a bar gun or a speed rail bar, you can effectively take up many orders at the same time while socializing with your guests or taking new orders.Imagine if a bartender can get four beer glasses poured at the same time, and each beer glass is exactly 33cl with perfect foam and you get paid for all  four.

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