Considering opening a profitable nightclub business?

Opening a nightclub

Are you running an existing club or thinking of opening a nightclub?

Either if it´s a startup, a small business or a larger nightclub we all want to run a successful nightclub or successful business. But before you start, it might be a good idea to think about what you want with your business. The nightclub industry is competitive in many ways. With a good concept, a clear picture of the target group and a strong presence in social media, bar owners, business owners or clubowners will easier succeed. It will also be easier to succeed with the right digital solutions, checkout solutions and beverage systems that streamline the bar and save time and money for you and your staff.

Today, there are many smart technical solutions that will help you increase profitability.

Integrate the pos system with the beverage system

With a pos system for nightclubs that is integrated with the alcoholic beverages, you will be able to get all the data on sales in a very flexible way. The day-ends do themselves and can even be sent automatically to the finance office if you are integrated with Fortnox. With a beverage system such as a beer tap for the bar counter, a bar gun or a speed rail bar, you can effectively take up many orders at the same time while socializing with your guests or taking new orders.

Furthermore, it is important to choose a pos system that offers many different payment methods. Flexible customer payments are part of the customer experience. That it is quick to charge in a bar and that you can make several simultaneous payments is important for the staff to be able to keep a good pace. It is also important that the chosen cash register system not only offers a flexible payment solution but also connects other parts of your business such as inventory, inventory management and personnel. You also get simple daily reports on sales and you can easily optimize your bar and sell what the guests want. So it will be easier for you to manage the daily business and have full control over your income and expenses.

Increase the profitability of your nightclub with a beverage system

An automated bar system reduces waste and stress for bartenders and nightclub owners. With a bar gun you can easily make several drinks at the same time. Our beer taps for the bar counter fill up an exact dose of beer and allow you to do other things while the glasses are filled up.

Opening a nightclub or running an existing nightclub? Calculate your potential savings with us in our bar waste calculator.

Increase the efficiency and revenue of beer and drinks when opening a nightclub

Imagine if a bartender can get four beer glasses poured at the same time, and each beer glass is exactly 33cl with perfect foam and you get paid for all four.

How to create a great guest experience at your nightclub

The guest experience is a must for all restaurants, bars and nightclubs. What the guests’ needs are should guide the business. By basing the experience you provide on data, you can draw definite conclusions about concepts and offerings. Read more about the importance of great business ideas, a business plan, marketing strategy, demographics, market research, type of music, target market and the importance of knowing the target group.

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