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Card Terminals

Offer your customers a payment method they prefer

We cooperate with local vendors in the countires where we are represented. In the Nordics we have a close cooperation with Westpay, and we can offer card terminals for restaurant that are completely integrated with our POS system and fully comply with all the payment service providers’ requirements for security. All card terminals are compatible with Chip Express, NFC, tipping options, the ability to split a bill across multiple cards, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

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Table ordering and payments

Efficient payment at the table with a card terminal for restaurant

To be able to fast and easy payment at the table is crucial for a restaurant. With our card terminal for restaurant, you can download the bill directly to the card terminal without having to go to the POS-system and get it. Which makes it easy for your guests to pay at the table and your waiting staff can print out a receipt for your guests. You save time and can offer better service to your customers. And it’s more effecient for your staff to be able to move around in the seating area and collect payments instead of running back and forth to the cash register.

Connect multiple card terminals to a checkout

Connect as many card terminals you would like to your POS system without locking out the checkout system when your guests pay. Our system results in better service for your customers and simplifies payment transactions for your staff.

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Trivec support 24/7

Support 24/7 for your card terminal

We offer 24/7 support for our card terminals. We know that things usually happens after office hours. Our staff have long experience working in the hospitality industry and are very helpful.

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