Trivec launches a new personnel system with Personalkollen

In collaboration with Personalkollen, Trivec is launching the new Personalkollen Light — a simple, flexible staffing system for managing clock in/clock out systems and generating salary data for the financial office. The system does not require any new hardware, as it is directly installed at the POS system, and can be up and running in under five minutes.

Personalkollens system fullt integrerat med Trivec

Personalkollen Light is a web-based, user-friendly staff and payroll system that caters to hotels, restaurants, and cafés all throughout Sweden. The system offers a clean and comprehensive overview of everything from individual time clocking to employee scheduling.

Plus, you can always supplement your system with additional features as you need them. It’s simple to upgrade to the full version of Personalkollen, with services that are fully integrated within Trivec’s POS solutions.