Tokens – a new way to pay

Trivec are introducing a new way of payment handling - tokens. Tokens is a very flexible way of payment for example nightclubs, casinos, festivals etc. You can choose to have digital or physical tokens.


Quicksteps to use tokens

You can easily add tokens to your POS-system and have products to be paid with a certain amount of tokens in Domino. Decide the sales value of each token and indicate the amount of tokens needed to buy a product. Domino will recalculate those tokens to the correct sales value and you can get a full report over used tokens.

Key Features

  • There is no limit on how many different tokens you can use.
  • Tokens can be handled physically or digitally through the use of vouchers.
  • Differences in price will be handled correctly by Domino. Each token automatically gets the correct sales value.


  • Less chance of theft
  • Faster workflow at the bar (no refunds, looking for cash etc.)
  • Marketing messages on the tokens


  • Nightclubs where they buy the tokens at the entrance, or included in the entrance ticket
  • Events, when you prepay drink tickets for example concerts, festivals but also for business events.
  • Casinos