Roaming Orders

New functionality in Trivec Domino (POS-system): Roaming orders. This feature is very useful if you have multiple workstations or different counters for different products, and you and your staff are losing time running back and forth to the POS-system.

With Roaming orders, you can start an order at the first cash register and finish the order at a different one. Each cash register will remember what order every user is working on and will automatically display the order when the specific user login to the system.

Key Features

  • Start an order at one cash register and finish it at a different one.
  • Minimize time spent running back and forth to serve customers and let your users focus on taking orders instead.
  • Reduce errors and need for corrections due to double input
  • Each user has a unique login, which ensures no mixed orders
  • Great feature for businesses like bakeries and fast food-restaurants