New features in Trivec Buddy

We release on July 1 a new update of our very popular ordering app, Trivec Buddy. Here you can read about the most important news in the update.


QR code on the receipt

Use a QR code on the pre-receipt so your guest can easily scan the code and pay with their mobile phone. This function is especially suitable for restaurants that don’t want to use QR codes on the tables, but who would like to complement paying with card with a mobile solution that minimizes staff time and which increases the customer’s own choice of payment method.

Pickup time function

Now your guest can order food in advance and state what time they want to pick up the food. This applies to pick up on the same day. Everything happens through Trivec Buddy where you as a restaurateur get an order to your restaurant that you know is paid for and should be picked up at a given time. Everything integrated and clear in your cash register.

Send messages via Trivec Buddy

Sometimes the guest wants to send a message to the kitchen or bar when ordering a dish or a drink. For example, you may not want tomatoes on your hamburger. Or allergies or anything else important. It is central not to miss any communication even if it is a digital order from a table.


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