Lasse i parken

Lasse i parken

Lasse i Parken achieved the same revenue but lower costs after the pandemic

The restaurant Lasse i Parken had been attracting guests with famous bands for over 15 years for free. When the pandemic hit, they, like other restaurateurs, needed to come up with new ideas. In 2022, after the pandemic, they chose not to have any music at all. Then they noticed that they achieved the same revenue but with much lower costs.

Lasse I Parken located on Högalidsgatan in Söder, is a family-owned outdoor restaurant. When the pandemic struck, they, like many other restaurateurs, were forced to think differently. They decided to no longer offer free concerts. This decision was based on reducing the number of artist fees and the noticeable shortage of staff in the restaurant industry. Fewer concerts required less staff.

They soon realized that they achieved the same revenue as when the concerts were free but with lower costs. By comparing statistics from previous years in Trivecs’ POS system, they saw that 25% of all guests during a free concert did not purchase anything at the bar.

Simple back-office makes the business easy to plan

In the summer of 2023, Lasse in the Park offers concerts through ticket sales, and concert guests can easily book a table if they want to dine. This makes the business easier to plan and analyze. They noticed that paying concert guests also bought drinks at the bar, he says.

Every day at the POS, they generate an item report that shows how much has been sold and of what. A more detailed and advanced view is available in the POS’s back-office function, MyTrivec, but the direct view from the POS is sufficient to quickly form a good understanding.

They explain that it is easier to track the business. Every day, they look at the POS to see sales at the item level or on specific days. It is easy to search and compare against the previous year. They think the POS is great, easy to work with, and everyone can add buttons and change prices because it is so user-friendly, everything is also super fast, from setup to updates and operation.

Attracted a new audience

By starting to charge for concerts, they attracted a new restaurant audience, an audience that expected higher quality food and drinks, and a different service. With fewer staff, no or fewer artist fees, and by using Trivec’s POS system smarter, there was a difference on the bottom line. With three mobile POS outdoors, they have a very smooth flow, they conclude.

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