By using Trivec Handy, there is one less person needed to operate each service

When Hermans Kassa was taken over by Trivec, we automatically became customers. And I'm still happy about that. Because Trivec is the most capable and clear-cut player on the market in my opinion, says Axel Van Steenbergen, business manager at HorecaToppers, uses several Trivec products and is very pleased with them.

Axel Van Steenbergen, Horeca Toppers

Saving time and money

HorecaToppers use the beverage dispensing system, POS-system, digital gift cards, Kitchen Display System and mobile ordering devices, Trivec Handy.


We use the beverage dispenser which ensures that the exact same amount is served every time and there’s no waste. We also have the electronic ordering screens which make it easy to see what’s ready in the kitchen. But my favourite system is the Trivec Handy, it’s the mobile ordering device. It’s very handy and it can be operated with one hand, which is very convenient for the staff. Orders go directly from the table to the bar and kitchen, so customers are served faster. It also means that the employees don’t have to walk up and down to enter each order in the cash register, so we need one less employee than before, says Alex.

Fan of Trivec Handy

Axel really likes Trivec’s mobile ordering devices. These provide numerous benefits, including for customers. “Unlike those clunky, large tablets you see the serving staff in some stores lugging around, Trivec provides handy pocket versions. These can even be operated with one hand while carrying a tray in the other, for example. Orders then go directly from the table to the bar and kitchen. Customers are thus served faster. And employees no longer have to walk up and down to enter each order in the cash register. So every service I need one less employee than before.”

Clear insight thanks to reports

The stock is not linked to the cash register system for now, but the reports do come in handy for Axel. “Every week I put those reports next to the overview of our stock and planned orders. Then I can make the necessary adjustments if, for example, I notice that a particular product or dish is selling very well.”

Proven quality

Axel would definitely recommend Trivec. According to him, there is no other player on the market that offers the same quality. And I know: in 2015 we had a new system from a competitor for a while. It constantly gave us problems. Soon we didn’t like it anymore and had it removed. We contacted Trivec and on the very same day the POS system was installed at our place. Great service!!

What does the future hold? Axel sees it very positively. “I plan to add mobile payment terminals because I think they will save us even more time. Every innovative product you add is an investment. That’s just the way it is. But it’s really worth it. You quickly earn it back in time and money. And you increase the quality to your customers.” As for HorecaToppers’ business, Axel expects to continue growing. “Currently we have a tavern (Taverne Oud Gemeentehuis) and a brasserie (Skaldu), but expanding is the plan.”

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