Delivery service made simple with Trivec’s delivery management solution

Connect your restaurant's POS system with a solution that synchronises all the main delivery service providers on one platform.


Simple delivery management

Our delivery management solution, which is a partnership between us and Deliverect, means you don’t need a million tablets lying around anymore. The main delivery service providers, such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Foodora, are now synchronized in a single software system, which is itself directly connected to your menu and your POS system.

Delivery restaurant

Why use the Trivec delivery solution?

Save time

Transfer your menu items directly from your POS system to the software to make them available at a single tap on all the delivery platforms, such as UberEats, Foodora and Deliveroo.

Simplify your order management

No matter which application the orders come from, all your orders are directly integrated in a single software system.

Increase your performance

No more errors due to the re-entry of delivery orders. Orders are now transferred directly to your POS system

Simplify delivery management

Promote loyalty among your returning customers

Adapt your restaurant service to the current circumstances by offering your loyal customers a simple, fast and optimized service.

Maintain that connection with your customers by allowing them to continue to enjoy your meals, even at home.

Increase your visibility and expand your customer base

With the Trivec delivery solution, your business is present and visible across all the main delivery platforms. That way you can reach a wider target audience and thus increase your sales potential by attracting new customers!

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